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The Ghee also said clarified butter is second the Ayurveda or Science of the Life, the elixir of life, because it has the effect of rejuvenation and regeneration of the cells. The Ghee is, together with the milk and to the honey, a natural element and it is used in the ayurvedics dishes . The Ghee has manifold uses, insides and outside. It is an element for the base of nutrition. The Ghee together with the water is the thing most important for the purification of the body.

The Ayurveda without Ghee is not even thinkable. The Ghee is easily digestible and extinguishes the burning of the stomach. It is easily absorbed from the bowel to directly flow to the cells of the body; it helps to balance the stress and the nervousness of the men of our time.
It doesn’t need refrigeration and it is the only fat that helps the body rather than to get heavy it. This fat (Ghee) has the particularity to help the digestion; the Ghee holds the balanced cholesterol. Excellent to fry the spices, to make savory the vegetables and the bread with the various  spices. The chemical substances, example pesticides, that is found in our foods, is digested, through the Ghee.

The Ghee as I make up for home: It is possible to use is internally it, both externally. For this an universal remedy is held. Already after a few hours from the birth, the mother gives few drops of Ghee, that it is also excellent for the sensitive skin of the baby to his child.The mother takes it as relaxant over that as digestive. the use of the Ghee during the meals eliminates from the body pre-existing congestions.


  1. -To the morning it protects the skin of the face, and it can also be used as aftershave;
  2. – applying a few in the nostrils cleans  and protects  from the colds; – applied the evening under the feet it helps to be sleepy.
  3. -for the tired eyes it helps to remove the fatigue and it strengthens the sight during the night.
  4. -very proper to remove the makeup;
  5. -it protects the skin of the hands that has the tendency to chap with the cold and besides it removes the difficult dirty to the fingers.
  6. -it is a good remedy to remove the difficult stains as oil from the suits (it absorbs very well), or to refresh and to give back beauty to the surfaces as metals, wood or material plastic.
  7. -it strengthens the mechanisms of defense of our body and the immune system
  8.  – it removes the sense of anxiety and nervousness
  9. – it purifies the organism from possible cinders
  10. – it helps the production of the OJAS ,
  11. – it feeds and it strengthens the bodily fabric and his/her seven components (plasma, blood, bones, bony marrow and the nerves), balance besides all and three the principles of the metabolism (Vata, Pitta, Kapha = wind, fire, water) it reduces the cholesterol, it reassures the nerves, it makes the loosest and fluid articulations.
  12. -It improves the functions of our hinds
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